Born in 1988, Iman tells stories from her early age. Inspired by video games and passionate about designs, she started very young to realize comics she shared in secret with her little sister.

She began writing much later, in December 2011, when she discovered old drawings of her childhood. She then decided to refine her very first work, ‘Breath of fire’, named ‘Coeur de flammes’ in her mother tongue, french. After working hard on writing the the 1st volume, her sister as well as a few relatives encouraged her to correct, then publish it.

Outside writing, Iman is a hyperactive and autodidact person who loves travel, discover foreign languages (for the record, she learned the Chinese on the internet in a year and speaks it fluently since), listen to music, watch series (American and Taiwanese), from time to time, draw and play video games.

She works full time as a project manager in an IT company and tries to focus on her passion during the weekend.


A big thank you to all those who have encouraged me and helped in this adventure. I cannot mention everybody because you are many works and years. That said, some follow me from the beginning or have supported me during special periods.

First my parents, without which I wouldn’t be here, my brothers and sisters for their support (my sister especially for encouraged me to get into this adventure!). Then, Olusegun Goutondji to his unexpected appearance and his wonderful illustration of Willan who left me speechless and was boosted for the suite, Fabrice Tchato and Omega Bavedila without which the internet site would never be born, Franck Tchotchoe for helping so much in all my corrections.

Thank you all. It’s thanks to you, to everyone else and of course to you, my dear readers, I can walk in the footsteps of my dream. Thank you!