Hey you !

Here is my english temporary page… until I get a real english section on the website !

For the moment, as I’m still translating my first book in english, I’ll only share news about that book.

1/ “Coeur de Flammes” becomes “Breath of Fire”

It’s a fantasy book series, that will have four books (the third will be published in Oct-Dec 2016).

Here is a short resume and next, some extracts publised on wattpad. Also, there is a crowdfunding project to help me realize this dream, as it is really time and money consuming (and I’m not counting my own time). Stay tunned !


Aluna lives in the shadows. She’s a pariah. She was born a twin, which means not being allowed to live since the Lord Regent arrived in Iriah to reign as a tyrant. However, when she breaks an ancient law by accident and therefore revives a conflict within the neighboordhood realm, she finds herself being everyone’s new main focus. She will therefore have to make a choice. By doing so, will she manage to maintain the peace without revealing her secret ?


Youtube link.

The world map.

Coming soon.



The KICKSTARTER PROJECT. (succeeded !)